Changzhou National Hi-tech District

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Current Situation

In August, 1992, CND officially launched its construction amidst the surging tide of China's economic development, forging ahead toward the immense global market with all the courage and wisdom. After 20 years of innovative development with the superb strategic vision, CND is positioned on international metropolis status.

CND covers an area of 439 km2. It is among the first batch of the new and high-tech development zones with the State-level status. It is playing a key role in economic strategy in terms of nationwide deployment for development as a whole, escorting the Yangtze River Delta to accelerate step by step. It is awarded many honorary titles including "Fastest Development High-Tech Zone", "Advanced State-level High-Tech Zone", "China Eastern Regions' Most Competitive Zone", "No. 1 of the Top 10 2011 China Most Potential Park" and etc.


Power equipment manufacturing, new materials, advanced manufacturing and ecological farming industry


Biopharmaceutical and Medical Products Industrial Park, New Energy Vehicle Industrial Park, PV Industrial Park, Creative Industrial Park, Aviation Industrial Park


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