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Transport Connectivity

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Changzhou Benniu Airport (4E)

• Serves more than 20 domestic destinations, such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.

• Serves international destinations, including Taipei, Nagoya, Bangkok and Vientiane. Expected new destinations in Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines

• Passengers handled in 2016: 1.95 million passengers

Rail connection

• 5 railways passing through Changzhou

• Main railways: Beijing-Shanghai line (approximately 4.5 hours from Changzhou to Beijing), Shanghai-Nanjing line (approximately 1 hour from Changzhou to Shanghai) 

Road connection

• 7 expressways passing through Changzhou

• Main expressways: Shanghai–Chengdu Expressway, Changshu-Hefei Expressway, Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway

Yangtze River Port of Changzhou

• 10 10,000-ton above deepwater berths (including a 100,000 ton above deepwater berth)

• Cargo handled in 2016: 39.93 million tonnes

River connection
• Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passing through Changzhou

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