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Development Status

According to the survey, the foundation of our city’s new pharmaceutical industry is good. The industry covers eight areas: they are bio -pharmaceutical, chemical medicine, medical equipment and health materials, Chinese medicine, bio-industry, bio-agriculture, bio-energy and bio-energy. There is a number of new product clusters with competitive advantages and strong listing corporations.

In pharmaceutical, there are 800 bio-pharmaceutical production enterprises in our city. It has gradually formed a good industrial development pattern of featuring pharmaceutical together with bio-industry. And there is a number of bio-pharmaceutical product clusters with competitive ability, high quality and good market reputation. It has developed nearly 50 high-tech products. There are 8 first class national new drugs. They are Hainanmycin, Etimicin sulfate, Restructuring the pancreatic raw peptides for injection, Treatment of colorectal cancer iodine[131I] monoclonal antibody CAb-1, CAb-2, HAb18G / CD147 New cancer markers histologic diagnosis box, Targeting the antithrombotic proteins, TAT-N25 Polypeptide cream, TAT-N25 polypeptide injection drug. And there are nearly 30 second class national new drugs. They are polysaccharide from Spirulina platensis,Enalapril,Omeprazole,Fluconazole, Fluoxeti.

In medical devices, Changzhou currently has more than 270 manufacturing enterprises with the annual output value of 8 billion RMB. It has achieved the transition from the initial low-end disposable syringes to high-end medical devices. The product category covers 31 categories of medical devices in 43 categories, with 1200 registered certificates. It has formed the six major groups of the department of orthopedics implant, polymer equipment, surgical instruments, health materials and dressings, medical electronics, rehabilitation equipment. At present, our city has become the world's important production base for the department of orthopedics and disposable medical equipment.

Development Direction

Adhere to the development direction of scale, collectivization and internationalization. Actively guide enterprises to accelerate new research and development, mergers and acquisitions, technological transformation, brand building, capital market, and continue to build large-scale, promote industrial upgrading. Build Changzhou into leading new pharmaceutical industry city with advanced biotechnology and pharmaceutical, well-known medical equipment and industrial clusters in Jiangsu Province.

Key enterprises

Bio pharmaceutical enterprises

Medical device enterprises

Changzhou siyao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Qianhong Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Jiangsu Yan Shen biological Polytron Technologies Inc

Changzhou radius Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Changmao biochemical engineering Limited by Share Ltd

Changzhou Kang Hui Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu long letter medical purification Engineering Co., Ltd.

Changzhou lengthen medical equipment Engineering Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Watson Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Trauson Holdings Company Limited    

Changzhou Zhongjin Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

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