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Fabrizia Zhou

Information Department


Key Enterprises


New United GODERICH Inc.

Beijing General Aviation Co., Ltd.

AeroJones Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

Lanxiang Co., Ltd.

Jiangnan General Aviation

Shanghai Zhongjia MRO Company

Zhongfei Aviation Technology Co. Ltd 

Jingong General Aviation

BROETJE Automation

Changzhou Hongfa Zongheng Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd. 


Development Strategy


General Aircraft Manufacturing: give priority to the production of general aircraft, business jet and UAV, and the development of key components supporting, civil aviation composite materials and some available alloy materials.

General Aviation Operation: focus on the development of large aircraft modification, decoration, maintenance and modern aviation logistics industry; develop business jet FBO, aviation technical services, aviation business services, air operations support services, civil aircraft customer service, emergency rescue, general aircraft flight simulation training center and other aviation service industry.

General Aviation Guarantee: promote the construction of general airport and aviation colleges and Institutes; put emphasis on the training of technical and managerial personnel.

Developing Status

General Aviation Industry as a new type of industry in Changzhou, the industry scale is still small but has great prospects for development. A batch of aviation projects have settled down here, such as New United Goderich, AeroJones Aviation, Beijing General Aviation, AERO AT aviation, AVIC-Lanxiang and so on. The output value of the industry in 2015 reached 1.6 billion yuan with an increase of 10%. 

As the most important industrial development base, Changzhou Airport Industrial Park (CAIP) is striving to branding two clusters as Aviation Manufacturing and Aviation Service, and prioritizing the upstream - downstream industries as aviation manufacturing, operation and the supporting services for large aircraft as aircraft modification, inner decoration, maintenance, etc. Besides, the construction of Xinbei General Aviation Airport in 2016 will make CAIP the first "double runway" industrial park in China after its completion, which means the separation runway of general avaition and other air transportation.

Changzhou was the first to get permission for low-altitude flight among the cities of Jiangsu province in 2014. Within its own controlled air space around Changzhou International Airport, the air space standard of CAIP could meet the height of 3,000m and the total area of 1,720km². 

In addition, Changzhou focus on the UAV R&D and manufacturing, which mainly gathered in CAIP, Changzhou Science and Education Town and Liyang UAV Industrial Park.

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