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Industry status:provide the supporting base to vehicle program

As the CSR Corporation Limited Company founded in July 2013, Changzhou had the first company that can do automobile manufacturer. At the same time, Changzhou also had the ability to do the loading operation of 150 urban rail vehicles every year. Besides, ninety percent parts of motor car, including the hauling system, can be got in Changzhou. And this is a key step for industry chain extends to the end.
Also, on the base of Changzhou CSR Corporation in economic and technological development zone of Qi Shuyan District, the main project of digging the base is well under way.  The total investment of this project is 266 million. If the first phase of the project is finished and achieved, the production of urban rail vehicles will reach to 150 every year and it will reserve the condition for the second phase of the project, especially for major repair and un-wheeling repair of these vehicles. The main project will be finished in January 2015.
After years of development, Changzhou rail transportation system was equipped with the complete production chain of product research, matching, manufacture, business, logistics and major repair of vehicles.  Whether traction drive or braked steering, electrical control and power transmission or the product of car body, interior and illumination, all of these have nearly 2500 species and are complete in range. This shows that they can basically achieve the whole production matching. What’s more, the traction system occupies above 45% of the domestic market share, the automobile interiors occupy up to 65%, and the market share of ancillary equipment is the first in our country. Last but not least, high-speed rail electric equipment is also leading in the domestic same trade. 
In the east of Changzhou, there have been CSR Corporation Limited Company, CRRC QISHUYAN INSTITUTE CO., LTD, KTK GROUP, New United Group and many other large in scale and strong in industrial promotion companies in Qi Shuyan Rail Transportation Industrial Park and Yao Guan Industrial Park. All these companies build a lot of national and provincial research and development platform, can train technical personnel by CSR University and foster industrial workers by Liu Guojun Vocational Education Center. These all become the powerful supporting to industry.
According to the statistics, Changzhou rail transportation industry realized output value of 260 billion in 2012. And Changzhou also   evaluated as the special industry base of national torch plan rail transit vehicles and components as well as the example base of national newly industrialization. 

Development Direction

Promoting coordinated development of automobile manufacturing and key system, key components. Clustering some high, professional and internationally competitive associated enterprises to form a relatively complete industrial chain, which covering from parts supporting to automobile manufacturer and repair service.  

Key Enterprises

CSR Corporation Limited Company


New United Group


Ma Li

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