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Development Status

Ruiyue Auto Parts Group

Four phases of the group: stamping and welding parts of vehicle body, general assembly, interior and exterior parts and axle and frame, comprehensive office building and living facilities

Ruiyue sets a goal of becoming the Foxconn in automotive industry, and is stepping forward to form whole car manufacturing capacity.

There are 176 above scale auto parts companies like Ruiyue in Changzhou, with tens of billions total turnover. The products cover engine system, chassis system, bodywork, components, electronics and various categories. Many of the products are directly supplied to GM, Ford, Toyota, VW, BMW and FAW, Dongfeng for car manufacturing or aftermarket. The auto parts industry system of Changzhou is complete and distinctive.


However, the overall grade of this industry of Changzhou is relatively low. Resources are not well integrated until three whole car manufacturing projects (BAIC MOTOR, ZOTYE AUTO, DONGFENG) have been invested here in 2014.

Development Strategy

Focus on passenger vehicle, coach, light truck, business car, new energy car and other sorts of whole car, build a whole car production base of light, medium and heavy truck, accelerate the construction of special vehicle production and new energy industrialization base, achieve major breakthrough in key technologies of new energy cars, e.g., electric motor and control system, on-vehicle environment-friendly power battery, whole car smart control system, etc.

Key Enterprises

Changzhou Ruiyue Auto Parts Group


Teddy Li

DIvision Chief


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