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Development Status

The base of agricultural machinery is good: 326 are designed size enterprises, 69 are total assets of over 100 million yuan enterprises.
The foundation of Changzhou’s machinery industry is solid. It has a long history and high visibility in China. The principal product categories include tractors, planting machinery, harvesting machinery and other complete machine and corollary parts, which has become a relatively industry value chain. Changzhou cultivated many local enterprise, such as Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group, Changfa Group, Changchai Company and so on. At the same time, Changzhou imported JiuTai Agricultural Equipment Technology Company, ISEKI Company, Your Agriculture Company and many other word-famous enterprises to promote the whole technical level in agriculture.
So far, Changzhou has been the important production base of modern agricultural machinery. There have been a group of leading enterprises and “men's singles champions” in components and parts. By the end of last year, 129 designed size enterprises finished 19.4 billion sales revenue, including 30 enterprises, whose sales revenue up to more than one million.
Changzhou is also the key base for engineering mechanical industry, including Xinbei and Wujin industry group. Xinbei takes Changlin Group, KOMATSU Company, Hyundai Heavy Industries Company as its lead, while Wujin has Hengli Hydraulic Company, LiuGong Machinery Company  as guiding factors. They all gathered lots of associated enterprises around them and generally formed a complete industry value chain. By the end of last year, there have been 197 machinery enterprise above designated size, which finished sales revenue 36.3 billion,including 39 enterprises, whose sales revenue up to one million.

Development Direction

Agricultural machinery. Make great efforts to cultivate and import agricultural machinery enterprises; strengthen agricultural implements exploitation; promote “three products” standards. Construction machinery. Step up constructing machinery technology R & D platform; control a commanding industry point; strengthen machinery specialization system.

Key enterprises

Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co.,Ltd.

ChangFa Group

ChangChai Company Limited

JiangSu JiuTai Agricultural Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.

ISEKI Co.,Ltd.

Your Agriculture Company 

Komatsu Ltd.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.

Hengli Hydraulic Co.,Ltd.

LiuGong Machinery Co.,Ltd.


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